What is Slopestyle?

There’s been a lot of buzz regarding the new winter Olympic Sport, Slopestyle. A popular Winter X Games event for years, Slopestyle challenges athletes to perform difficult tricks while getting the highest air possible. Slopestyle skiers aim for a variety of moves and maneuvers, and utilize the course’s terrain and obstacles during their runs. The Slopestyle track for the 2014 Sochi Olympics has just been released. According to official press materials, the track will be 635 meters (2,083 feet) and feature three jib sections and three jump sections. The course is very similar to the DEW Tour course featured at Breck this winter. A team of international snow experts and groomers have been commissioned to design and maintain the course during the event. Spectators can expect to see a number of Freestyle Maneuvers, jumps, twists, turns, and flips. The course is designed to allow the athletes to build momentum between each jump section, creating more opportunity to “catch air” during the run. During the Olympics, there are 10 freestyle and 10 snowboarding events on the Slopestyle course. The men’s Slopestyle finals are scheduled for February 8th, and the women’s for Feburary 10th. You can preview some of USA’s Olympic hopefuls this week at the DEW ION event in Breckenridge this weekend.