Travel Planner and Lodging in Breckenridge CO

Breckenridge, CO attracts travelers from around the world. Families, athletes, artists, and sight-seeking travelers all come here for the same reason: the mountains. They yearn for that connection with nature, the experience of every sight around you sparking a sense of wonderment. The Colorado Rockies and Five Star Properties can bring that experience to you with our travel planning assistance and lodging accommodations.

Start out with these travel tips, and then look through our lodging options.

1. Know the seasons.

Breckenridge is a year-round destination, but visitors who want to explore hiking trails won’t benefit from coming at the same time as visitors who want to ski. Ski season runs November-April. Spring is a short-lived season just through the month of May, and it’s usually easy to find reduced rates on lodging during this time. Summer runs June through August, and is a great season for hiking and biking. Fall comes September and October and brings many festivals to the area such as Oktoberfest.

2. Understand altitude changes.

If you’re from a low altitude state, you’ll benefit from a little bit of research on common altitude sickness. It’s not life-threatening, but definitely an uncomfortable experience. You’ll also want to know that it’s much easier to get sunburned at high altitudes and to tire more quickly. Wear sunscreen and hydrate frequently even if the temperatures are low so that there aren’t any interruptions to your fun!

3. Plan your activities in advance.

There are tons of options when deciding which hiking trails or ski runs to ride. Certain trails/runs are designated for different skill levels, so make sure you’re picking the ones best suited to you! Knowing what peaks you want to be near to will also help select the best lodging based on location.

Now that you’ve started to plan a trip to Breckenridge, take a look at Five Star Properties’ homes, condos, and townhomes! You can give us a call if you have any questions!