Photo Opportunities in Breckenridge!

The worst part about being on vacation is knowing that it is going to come to an end. Jealous because the locals get to spend 24/7/365 in paradise, I scowl at them and spend the entire week with the thought I have to sit on a plane for 4 hours and go back to work constantly looming over my head. The best way to avoid the post-vacation depression associated with returning from a getaway is by taking pictures to document your trip. This way, when you get back to your office you can look back and smile at your pictures while your boss is asking you to send him all the reports you put on the backburner while on vacation. So how can you take the best pictures while in Breck? Check out these suggested places and techniques to take pictures that will make everyone at work jealous of your vacation.

Image Credit: @kelseyboothphotography Instagram

-Take an aerial view from the Superchair or the Breck Connect Gondola: Capture panoramic and endless mountain views while flying high on a gondola! They are also a good way to get from one slope to another!

-For the best snow-covered scenery, take a snowmobile tour through Breck! See the continental divide, wildlife, and the jaw-dropping snow-covered landscape while cruising in style.

-Best Special Event: There are two special events that can definitely make for some killer photography. The first is the gravity-defying displays you will encounter during the Winter Dew Tour. High-flying skiers and snowboarders astound crowds while soaring through the air. The second is the Ice Sculpture Competition. These masterful pieces of art only last as long as it’s below freezing so get the pictures while you can!