Mush On!

If dog sledding makes you think of the Iditarod, you might change your mind after exploring the Snow Caps Kennel. This family-run kennel is designed to share the spirit and celebrate the adventure of mushing and offers a number of spring and fall tours appropriate for families and kids as young as three years old.


Image Credit: @gobreck Instagram

During the summer, you can tour the kennel, meet the puppies, and pet the dogs. This behind the scenes tour lasts about 45 minutes and gets you and your family up close and personal with the dogs. The Cart Tour is a longer tour that takes you into the heart of kennel operations. You get a chance to tour the kennel, meet the dogs, and take a sled ride.

The most adventurous off-season option is the Scooter Tour. Harness Puppy Power and take a guided ride through town on your own dog sled. This 90-minute adventure is designed for guests 16 and up, and you must be in decent physical shape to participate, as this is a physically-straining activity. Participating in a sled dog tour is a great and unexpected way to explore Breckenridge, and an unforgettable way to make some fun, lovable, four-legged friends.