Breckenridge Heritage Alliance

The Breckenridge Heritage Alliance is a non-profit organization founded in 2006, focused on protecting and promoting Breck’s unique and colorful history.


Image Credit: @andysgoingplaces Instagram

The organization promotes tours, site-seeing, and programs around the area, with the purpose of providing visitors with the knowledge of what it was like to live in Historic Breckenridge. The alliance hosts many guided tours, hikes, and informative lectures on the area. Some of the material and historic locations that the Alliance features includes:

-The Historic Walking Tour: A tour of Breck’s nationally recognized Historic District, learning about the town’s oldest buildings, historic businesses, and stories about the areas gold seekers, hardy souls, and socialites.

-Breckenridge Haunted Tour: Tours of Breck’s haunted district, narrated with eerie and unexplained stories from the area’s uncertain past.

-Behind Swinging Doors Saloon Tour: Breckenridge was once known for its abundance of saloons and speakeasies that lined the streets. This tour will take you through several of the establishments and sample some of the common spirits from the area.

-The Iowa Hill Gold Miner’s Hike: Take a guided tour through the Iowa Hill Mine and check out old mining sites and equipment on this semi-rigorous hike up a mountain.

-Preston Ghost Town and Gold Mine Hike: Preston was once a popular town with about a 150 full-time residents, now, it is a ghost town. Find out why on this guided tour that includes a bagged lunch! Enjoy the outdoors while expanding your Jeopardy knowledge and learning about the interesting history of Breckenridge and the surrounding area on these guided tours!